The Green Solution

The common practice for handling flowback and production water from natural gas wells has been to remove certain contaminants and to either dilute the wastewater for reuse in other wells or to concentrate the water for reuse of the distilled portion of the fluid and to dispose of the remaining concentrate for a fee at a landfill or by deep well injection. The approach taken by SWS is to process the concentrate to create useable products without a need for disposal.  SWS plans to include removal of particulates, heavy metals, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMS) prior to processing the concentrate. The distilled water can be returned and used for hydrofracturing and the remaining materials will be processed into useable forms such as high purity salt, calcium/magnesium products, and distilled water. SWS has developed marketing relationships to sell the useable products.  This approach is similar to an approach utilized by the members of the SWS team at a facility in New York. This strategy will effectively eliminate the need for disposal except for a small quantity of sludge created during the pretreatment process.


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